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Thread: How do you display e-card url?

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    How do you display e-card url?

    I'm back again with yet a new question about the Flash-DB E-cards

    I'd like to know if there's a way to display the sent e-card's URL so that the user can copy and paste it.

    The reason for this is because Yahoo Mail no longer accepts mail that was sent using the name spoof technique that this e-card app uses. (it doesn't even appear in the spam folder)

    In the PHP code, I noticed it says this at the very bottom

    PHP Code:
    ## This next line returns a success message to the movie. 
    print "_root.holder.Status=Success your ecard Has Been Sent!"

    How would I go about using this to display the sent e-card's URL?

    Here's my whole source code

    PHP Code:
    $CreateEcard = date(U); 
    $filename = $CreateEcard.".txt"; 
    $ToEmail = $_POST["ToEmail"]; 
    $FromEmail = $_POST["FromEmail"]; 
    $ToName = $_POST["ToName"]; 
    $FromName = $_POST["FromName"]; 
    $Greeting = $_POST["Greeting"]; 
    $IntroMessage = $_POST["IntroMessage"]; 
    $EndMessage = $_POST["EndMessage"]; 
    $EcardSelect = $_POST["selected"]; 
    $Today = (date ("l dS of F Y ( h:i:s A )",time())); 
    $Created = "Ecard Created on $Today"; 
    $EcardNum = $_POST['EcardSelect']; 
    $EcardText = "ToName={$HTTP_POST_VARS['ToName']}&ToEmail={$HTTP_POST_VARS['ToEmail']}&FromName={$HTTP_POST_VARS['FromName']}&FromEmail={$HTTP_POST_VARS['FromEmail']}&Greeting={$HTTP_POST_VARS['Greeting']}&IntroMessage={$HTTP_POST_VARS['IntroMessage']}&Created={$HTTP_POST_VARS['Created']}&"; 
    $fp = fopen( "./dBText/$filename","w"); 
    fwrite($fp, $EcardText, 10000); 
    fclose( $fp ); 
    ######Email Card######## 
    ## You can change the subject and the message part around. 
    ## Make sure to change the Link as stated in the Tutorial. 
    ## (Change from 'someSite' to your actual site - leave the rest the same 
    $ToSubject = "E-card from $FromName"; 
    $Message = "$ToName,\nYou have recieved a Flash E-card from $FromName. \nClick the following link to view your card:\n\n http://www.mysite.net/SelectCard.php?EcardText=$CreateEcard&ENum=$EcardNum\n\n-----------------------------------\nHere is the message that was sent:\n$ToName,\n$Greeting\n$IntroMessage\n\n-$FromName\n\n\n-----------------------------------\nThis card was sent by Bunny and Panda\n\nMaking you smile a little more each time."; 

    mail($ToName." <".$ToEmail.">",$ToSubject, $Message, "From: ".$FromName." <".$FromEmail.">"); 

    ## This next line returns a success message to the movie. 
    print "_root.holder.Status=Success your ecard Has Been Sent!"; 

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    Not quite sure what you mean; if you want the person who is sending it to see the URL also, then the following line displays it:
    PHP Code:
    print "http://www.mysite.net/SelectCard.php?EcardText=$CreateEcard&ENum=$EcardNum";
    (plus line breaks / BR's either side as necessary). Is that what you're looking to display?

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