I see the things have changed a lot; FK is bigger than ever. i remember when I registered there were just few hundred people around.
Well the memories: Any one alive here to remember a topic here in the Coffee Lounge named "Whats LOL" we are talking something around 2002 I think Bill (The Pope) kinda closed it back than and now it may be gone forever..boy was it fun.
The most unbelievable thing is that yesterday I was browsing the net and found my old site which I thought it was long gone..but no still there and working great..done in Flash 3 or 4 if I remember correctly (check the year):
Funny I would thing that this is the begging of the Flash gaming..


PS interesting to see who is left from the old crew like Subway ( i still have the smallest game on the net remember 1k maze game ) or FlashGuru (I think he was the first to replicate the snake game)