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Thread: A costly mistake - focus issues.....

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    A costly mistake - focus issues.....

    Flash lite 2.0 - AS 2.0.

    Greetings all. I've made my flash lite apps, tested them and Express signed them (Symbian) which has cost me an arm and a leg.....in fact, in hindsight, i'd probably give them my arm and leg if i could keep the money it's cost me......

    Anyway, enough moaning. I've tried to pass them through an app store, and they've failed because of a focus issue. And i dont know....yet....how to solve it. So, I've drafted up a simple example to try and get some help (see attached).

    Here's the issue. If i set my softkeys on a frame, they function perfectly. However, if you have an input box on the same frame, and you focus on the input box (as if you're entering data), the soft buttons change function and the app doesnt function properly!! I've not made the attached app full screen just for your observations.

    Please see my attached example. As a test (if anyone would be so kind to help):

    Right soft key to frame 2
    Right soft key back to frame 1 (yay - it works)
    Right soft key back to frame 2 (yay - it still works)
    Click on input box (as if entering text)
    Right soft key......wrong!!! It doesnt take me back to frame 1!!!

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    I dont have a way to test this right now but it may be that the symbian os opens the text entry interface when you give focus to the input box and the soft keys pertain to the keyboard control not Flash.

    You might instead just come up with your own text entry method, by showing an onscreen keyboard in Flash instead of launching the text entry box.
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