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Thread: AS3 Photo Gallery Help Needed!

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    Question AS3 Photo Gallery Help Needed!

    Ok basically I want to create a simple Gallery one that has small thumb nails at the side where when clicked on will show in a larger movie clip. I also need to beable to scroll down on the thumbnails as there will be quite a few.
    Also on the larger image I want left and right buttons to scroll between the images aswell and when clicked on the large image it will load that image in a new window for people to save the image or just simply be able to click on it to download.

    I have searched everywhere for a tutorial or template and cant find one that is simply this and in AS3.

    Hope someone can help.

    Thank You!

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    That questions a bit open Max and your basically asking someone to write you a script for a gallery. If you are truly interested in learning as3, you need to break your questions down.
    If your gallery needs to load photos then it may well need to be dynamic and use xml.
    Most of us have all been where you are now. one step at a time!
    personally I would find out how many images need to be loaded, load the urls in to an array.

    then a for statement that runs through that array, have a movieclip in your library set to "export" this allows you to load mc's from the libary using code, then I would load that image in to the movieclip and increment the each movieclips x and y.

    you should make a start with where you want your images to come from. Outside or inside of flash.

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    Ok thanks for the info though to make it all simple I'd prefer to load my images within the website as I like tidyness and having too many files is to much to deal with. Originaly in my old website using 2.0 I was simply able to add action script to each button to gotoPrevious/Next Frame (was simpeler in my opinion). Am not sure how to do this in AS3 I know I need to call some sort of mouse event.

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