Hey all,

I'm creating a virtual gallery of sorts (only 2d at this stage)
but I'm a little bit confused as to how I should set it out.

At this early stage I have set it out as
preloader on frame one - on load of rest of content it plays frame 2
which has all my main content on it.
Would this approch work? For some reason,
when I preview the file, the preloader doesn't
play past the first frame, am i doing something wrong?

I haven't added any code to the preloader
yet, but it's a custom 100 frame loader that
sits inside frame one on the root timeline.
I figured it should, even without any code play the preloader and then move onto frame 2 when the 100 frames are finished. Am I mistaken? Any direction in how I should set this out would be greatly appreciated! Oh I'm using as3 as well,

Cheers everyone