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Thread: Sending an array to Flash from PHP

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    Sending an array to Flash from PHP

    So I'm trying to send an array of values from PHP to Flash, but the problem is any character I could use to separate the values could potentially be in the value itself.

    Fine, no problem I thought. I'll just urlencode the variables and allow (for arguments sake) commas to separate the 'encoded' values.

    Just after I'd finished laughing about my mighty victory over code adversary as I often do, I attempted to fetch the array from the PHP file and I quickly learned that Flash automatically applies the 'escape' function to the data after it is received. My laughter was replaced by (for theatrical sake) tears!

    Well that's great. It seems I need one of the following:
    A way to tell Flash to stop automatically 'escaping' the incoming variables, or
    A way to send an array of values without using a character that could be used in the variable
    (which could be anything... fullstops, commas, dashes. Pretty much anything within reason)

    Now, before you mention that I should just make a NVP (Name value pair) for each variable in the array, know that there is quite a lot of data already being loaded, and adding (what I consider is) unnecessary extra NVP syntax (which would double the large amount of data I'm sending) could potentially cause trouble, not to mention a general lack of bandwidth.

    Should I bite the bullet and NVP my arrays (ugh!), or maybe use an obscure character as the separator... but I would like a practical approach to this solution... like stopping Flash from automatically escaping the input.

    Also, if you're having trouble visualising the scenario, here's some example code I whipped up to illustrate the scenario:

    PHP Code:
    $one = "apple";
    $two = "pear";
    $three = "banana,strawberry";
    //Remember, $three should be one array item.

    $one = urlencode($one);
    $two = urlencode($two);
    $three = urlencode($three);

    echo "&resultingData=" . $one . "," . $two . "," . $three;
    PHP returns:

    And the AS:

    Actionscript Code:
    sender = new LoadVars();
    loader = new LoadVars();
    sender.sendAndLoad("TESTFILE.php", loader, "GET")
    loader.onLoad = function(){
        arrayData = loader.resultingData
        arrayData = arrayData.split(',')
        numOfResults = arrayData.length
        trace ("Fetched array. There were " + numOfResults + " fetched. There should be three.")
            trace("Var: " + i + "=" + arrayData[i])

    Flash returns:

    Fetched array. There were 4 fetched. There should be three.
    Var: 0=apple
    Var: 1=pear
    Var: 2=banana
    Var: 3=strawberry
    Edit: Damnit. How did this end up in AS3.0? I could have sworn I chose AS2.0. If a mod could kindly move it to the right spot I would be infinitely grateful. Sorry about the confusion.
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