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Thread: edit menu and contact form

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    edit menu and contact form

    hello there
    really i am new in Flash world but i like it a lot
    i am trying to edit flash site , i had finish all edits i want except

    1- the menu in flash i don't know from where i can change the words which is in the menu
    2- i don't know also from where i can setup the contact form to receive the messages from people ( put my e-mail and wait , set it up )

    you can download the files from here

    thanks in advance

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    and from which layer i can edit and change the sound , Thanks

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    Menu labels can be changed via the menu_label Array in the actionscript in Frame 1, labeled "buttons".

    From the code:

    var menu_label:Array = new Array("Homepage", "Products", "Services", "Awards", "Company", "Contact", "Templates|http://www.flashmo.com/page/1");

    Syntax for labels: "Page Name|URL"

    For contact setup, edit the "send_email.php", it is nicely documented so it should be easy to edit.

    For the music, it is commented out at the bottom of actionscript in Frame 1.

    Edit this code:

    var bg_music:Sound = new flashmo_music();

    Change "bg_music" to the linkage ID of your music in the Library.

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