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Thread: Flash Mp3 Player Agent Names

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    Flash Mp3 Player Agent Names

    Hi, im quite new to flash so sorry for any mistakes i make in posting.

    I have been working on a Simple Mp3 Player. And have done ok so far.

    The thing i am having trouble with is to do with The Agent names that are given to Flash Mp3 Players.

    Some mp3 players have very specific Agent names (I dont know if agent names are something that is common in Flash so i will explain)

    When streaming an mp3 player, The Shoutcast server that is sending the stream, will be getting feedback on Who is listening, i.e. what port there listening from and the current location, but the other thing that is given is the Mp3 Player they are using to listen to the stream.

    It looks like this..

    As im making a few different Mp3 Players for Different areas of the Internet, my client would like to be able to see witch players are being used more.

    Well I cant seem to work out how to allocate a name in that area when creating the Mp3 player. Can anyone Help me out?

    Sorry if my question is Flawed, any help would be appreciated.


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