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Thread: Jittery Tween on Jpegs - Tried Everything :(

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    Jittery Tween on Jpegs - Tried Everything :(

    Hi there

    I am using TweenMax to tween 3 images across a screen at a time (there is a next button that tweens the first image offstage, and moves the next image in its place and moves another onscreen and so on in a loop).

    The images are loaded dynamically. In the class that handles each image I use this code:

    ('Project' Class extends MovieClip)
    Actionscript Code:
    private function imageLoaded(_e:Event):void{
        var bitmap:Bitmap=Bitmap(image.content);

    These objects are stored in the projects array and tweened from the Document class:
    Actionscript Code:

    No matter what I do, the tween always seems to jump/jitter. I've tried turning the pixel snapping on, turning cache as bitmap on, upping the framerate, setting the .x destination to a float etc. Apparently setting the x/y scale to .9 is supposed to fix jittery tweening, but I've had no luck with it.

    Is there a definitive Adobe guide to tweening images in Flash? Clarifying the whole pixel versus subpixel stuff?

    I'm confused and stumped!
    He took daddy's umbrella!

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    I have same problem in my Flex project.
    Did everything like you and still have "jumping" images

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