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Thread: 2-way voice communication

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    2-way voice communication

    I'm a real newbie at Flash, so this may be a "can't get there from here" sort of thing, but I have a website which I'd love to have a button where you "call" our office to set up an appointment (Or ask questions, or whatever). So I'd need an app on the site which has connection on one end to an app which would be either standalone, or could be on a secured webpage on the same site...

    anyway, is this even remotely plausable?

    Thanks in advance!


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    you can use Flash and Flash Media server (aka Flash Communication server) to do live audio two way conferencing. The Flash player can receive audio input from the web page user's microphone (user's computer must have a microphone) and send it out to the server which relays the audio stream to a Flash app in your office.

    however, you must have access to Flash Media Server and develop the web page app, the server side application to manage the 2 way stream and the app in your office, which may be very similar to the web page app.
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    thaks for info, useful...

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