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Thread: [RESOLVED] onClick anywhere...? is this possible? please help

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    resolved [RESOLVED] onClick anywhere...? is this possible? please help

    Hi guys..

    This is tricky to explain but I've been struggling for a few days with something that I thought would be really simple.

    Basically I've got an introduction to an application I'm building which has photos fading in and out (created with tweens). After this, the next frame is the home screen.

    What I want is to loop frames 1-64 (the photos) which I have done with a simple gotoAndPlay(1);

    But when anywhere on the stage between frames 1-64 is clicked then it goes to frame 65. So basically, the intro loops and loops until the user clicks anywhere on the stage

    Is this possible? Thanks in advance!! xx

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    Hi again....

    Just made some progress (I think?!)

    stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,whenClicke d);

    function whenClicked(e:MouseEvent):void {

    This seems to work. But how do I effectively end this function?? Because currently it takes me to the home screen but now none of my other buttons work, the only thing that works is clicking anywhere on the stage!

    Thankyou xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanky1044 View Post
    "How do I effectively end this function??"
    I see no one has replied... I have not been on this site in a few years but hopefully these days I will be more active .

    As for how to end an function called by an eventListener you need to use removeEventListener as follows:

    PHP Code:
    I hope this is what you where looking for


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