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Thread: NEED HELP!! PLS!! Refarding Bitmap Fonts

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    Unhappy NEED HELP!! PLS!! Refarding Bitmap Fonts

    Hi Gurus,
    I have a question to ask.

    I have a liquid flash site that uses a flash font FFF Alias.

    Every font is set to Bitmap (no Anti Alias) and the X and Y positions are set to the nearest whole. I know these are the steps to make the Flash Font appear sharp.

    But as my site is liquid, different browser window dimensions give different results to the sharpness of the font because the text will always change its position. Any idea how I can solve this problem?

    Thanks for the much appreciated help.

    You can see what I mean from here. http://dev.vintedge.com/Paperone/www/index2.html

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    You can create a function which automatically takes your fields and sets their _x and _y position to Math.floor() or Math.ceil(), this will cause the objects on your stage to always snap to their lowest or highest neighbouring pixel.

    You may try doing this by adding your TextFields to some sort of global array and monitoring for the resize event.

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