I have been making a site that can be content managed by the client via XML. So there are series of movieclips that get created which contain dynamically loaded text boxes.

All is going well, I choose, as I have on similar projects, the 'anti-aliasing for readability' and embed all those characters which could possibly be loaded from the XML.

However the text looks rubbish. 'anti-aliasing for readability' has worked pretty well in the past for other typefaces. Perhaps ITC Stone Serif is weird (client insists on using this typeface). Anyway I've used the custom Anti-aliasing option and playing around with the Thickness / Sharpness settings. For the smaller text I don't want too much anti-aliasing as it'll make the edges too blurred and ruin the overall definition of the typeface. I thought by trial and error I could come up with a custom anti-aliasing settings for all the different sized text I'm going to use.

I check my site in Firefox and Safari... fine, then (for an unrelated matter) go to Internet Explorer on windows... IE 6 and 7 the smaller text looks different to how it displays on FF or S. IE 8 I think is a bit better but still not the same. Different browsers displaying custom anti-aliasing differently? Yet another cross browser issue for me to worry about??

I've cleared private data / emptied cache / deleted temporary files...

is their anything I'm overlooking or unaware of or am I lumbered with a typeface that may look ok small in one browser and rubbish in the next?