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Thread: Creating a thorough project proposal

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    Creating a thorough project proposal


    I was wondering if anyone could help. I run a small business that creates animations and videos for other companies; recently I've been getting more offers through to submit proposals for flash animated/powered websites. I've been losing out to other companies and I think it's largely because the proposals I supply aren't adequate due to my lack of knowledge of the field. I used to do flash at university but that was a few years ago and I haven't kept up. Basically, can anyone advise me on what to put in a proposal, or link to some good examples/templates?


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    What is your strong point?
    your visuals/animation or development/coding part?

    Sometimes it's not your skill to be blamed for your work getting neglected. Clients tend to have their own "taste". Some actually prefer the age old design of the 90's when it comes to websites and don't really digest the more contemporary site. I wouldn't be surprised if these clients puke over a web 2.0 type of design. Some would like a more 'generic' approach rather than an original, unique one. Do you do research on your client before designing or do you have a talk on what he expects for his project? Because that can come handy. Yes, you may have to do a design you're not pleased with but your client ends up really wanting.
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