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Thread: Array problem, can you spot a flaw?

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    SOLVED Array problem, can you spot a flaw?


    I have a problem with an function in my movie, I want to pick from an array but I need to choose the array dynamically. index [0] from my35Array or my1Array - I don't get it to work, can you spot an flaw or suggest something that works?

    my35Array = ["1.0"]; // vildhet 35
    my1Array = ["4.9","4","3.7","3.5","2.8","2.2","0.3","0.2","0.16","0.12"]; // vildhet 1
    trace (dragg);
    function vildhetsdragg(vildhet,fas4)
    		toNumber (vildhet);
    		toNumber (fas4);
    		arrayfighter = vildhet;
    		// trace (arrayfighter);
    		bonusfighter =  "my" + arrayfighter + "Array";
    		extrafighter = bonusfighter;
    		// toString (bonusfighter);
    		trace (extrafighter); 
    		trace (fas4);
    		if (fas4 > 89)
    				// trace (extrafighter[0]);
    				trace (my35Array[0]);
    				dragg = extrafighter[0];
    bonusfighter and extrafighter becomes myXArray as it should (in this case 1 or 35 is the only Arrays created), but dragg = extrafighter[0]; does not pick e.g. my35Array[0] even if extrafighter is my35Array !

    dragg = extrafighter[0] is always 109 for some reason I cannot understand!

    Can you spot a flaw or tell me how to pick from the array with an dynamic way?
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