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Thread: if myText.text == any value in a datagrid column

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    if myText.text == any value in a datagrid column

    Hey guys, in a simple form, I am trying to achieve what's in my title.

    I have a text box in which you type in a value (number).
    I have a submit button which inserts the value into my data-grid which is populated by a data provider to display that information (ZendAMF).

    For my submit button function I need it to loop through all the values(rows) in a column of my data-grid to check if my text box value is equal to any of the data in the rows for that column. How would I go about doing this?

    I can visualize exactly what I need this function to do; I know I will need to loop through my data-gird and check the values in each row of the column and if any are equal to my text box value but I simply don't have the coding knowledge to do so.

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    Go to the underlying data to do this. I assume you have some sort of array collection of objects as your data source?

    Pseudo code:

    if (dataSource[fieldInQuestion] == inputText.text)
    // match found

    If you are binding to XML, it's similar:

    // using text nodes
    if (xmlData.(nodeInQuestion == inputText.text).length() > 0)
    // match found

    // using attributes
    if (xmlData.someNode.(@attributeInQuestion == inputText.text).length() > 0)
    // match found
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