I've been working on a semester long project to place all of my art work (drawing, photographs, digital imaging, print works, etc.) into a single flash based portfolio.

The stumbling block I've run into is my own previous works of Flash animation. They play fine on their own, but always seem to loose it in the importation process. When I attempt to import them into the portfolio parts go missing, the frame rates change, and the sizing becomes difficult to control.

I've read that certain types of video can be imported into flash but I haven't been able to find much about this yet.

My first real question is, what program do you recommend to convert the original flash into video (it needs to be free/shareware) and what kind(s) of video can I use?

My second question is, once I have them in video form, is there anything else I need to know/do before importing them into the FLA file?