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Thread: Is Flash a Dying Technology?

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    Is Flash a Dying Technology?

    I saw an article quoting Steve Jobs saying Flash is a dying technology. What do you think? Article here.

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    If anything, with the new multi-touch flash enabled tablets coming out (!ipad...) there's a completely new type of web experience thats now possible. Jobs has no idea what he's talking about..and maybe he's getting a little senile too.

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    I thought the same when AJAX became big but I then realized that Ajax couldn't build online games.

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    I'm incredibly excited for multi touch and Flash. I work using a pen tablet for Flash and Wacom tablet for fine arts, and to turn my screen into a functional piano, or windchimes, or finger puppet show for kids with a minimal amount of time spend coding and illustrating is friggin' awesome. Building the math for multi-touch weighted character armatures with AS3 shouldn't be too hard and it will be so cool.

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    i think its becouse flash is very easy to start using so theres a lot of crappy content which eats computer resources a lot. But definitely not 'dying', flash is installed in 80% machines, and the alternative html5 for the net is only beginning to be used, and it should take at least a couple of years before it gets widespread. Also flash is really multiplatform, it is on the web, on mobile devices, and with air on the destop, is an all around solution in one. Also i guarantee that adobe will not deprecate flash any time soon, and will continue improving, adding new features and making it faster, flash 10.1 is already very fast in comparison to older versions. So i'd say o'l Steve is doing a big mistake

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    If flash was a dying technology, and everyone believed that, Hackers wouldn't have developed a version of mobile flash for iPad and iPhone (Called Frash.)

    Steve is just trying to defend another wild statement with no fundamental backing.

    It just proves that steves comments that flash is not neeed on the mobile platform are wrong, and his customer base knows this. (Someone burst his bubble, please?)

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    and why do people keep comparing flash apps to html5 compare flash in he browser fine but we are talking apps aren't we?

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    Flash should be considered a dying technology unless it comes out with a HTML5 publisher. In future I am sure Adobe is aiming for something which shall publish SWF as well as a HTML5 output of the same FLA and then Apple has to agree that Adobe is master of Web and RIA's and they should really have a drink togather that day and think of earning some big money with some thought process togather
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