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Thread: Encrypting part of .fla code?

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    Encrypting part of .fla code?


    How do you protect part of a .fla file?

    I see how you can encrypt a swf file, but if it's the raw source code, and you want to protect a part of the file that would never need to be modified, how would you go about it?

    I had a look at Tokaos.com, but it can't encrypt .as files that have global variables that are referenced internally to your .fla. Ideally, I'd like to be able to encrypt an integral part of the code that makes the component unique, but would not need to be modified if the developer needed to add something to the component.

    Also, on a similar note, how do you go about including domain name checking in the source, so that the component can only be used on one domain? I've seen articles on using this type of code in swfs, but is there a way if the component is a .fla file?



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    Don't distribute the source materials. There's no clean , sure fire way to do what you want. Your best bet would be to stick a gpl license in there saying that your retain this code , or portions of this code as your intellectual property , blah , etc. Ive seen guys go as far as injecting byte code into portions of their source files , to try to obfuscate said materials. Its pretty silly , not to mention the stuff they were doing was nothing a hundred other developers didnt do before them , and better. Now i've worked with some cdn's and ad serving companies that will take the 'lock box' approach. Basically they only expose a small portion of the api , then force the developer to insert , or route the application into a parent file that contains all the proprietary source materials compiled in it. This can get complicated with cross domains , and permissions and testing , and you would probably need to manage content to some degree. It's just not worth it. I would say code away , document your ideas , license them , and if someone steals your code and you can prove it , start saving up for an attorney , cus it's a losing battle.

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    I'd say all of that is great advice, with the possible exception of the gpl part. If you really want to keep your stuff closed, that is really not what you want. Stick in copyright notices, sure (although you own the copyright anyway just for having written it).

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