Hi all,

I have some resources in an swf 'res.swf'. Inside are bitmaps and also some movieclips which contains these bitmaps.
One movieclip is exported as 'mc1'. One bitmap is exported as 'bm1'.

I load this swf in my main swf, 'main.swf'. It is in variable '_swf':
_swf = e.currentTarget.content;

First I used the mc's from res.swf inside main.swf:
Actionscript Code:
_swfClass = _swf.loaderInfo.applicationDomain.getDefinition($name) as Class;
var mc:MovieClip = MovieClip(new _swfClass());

I want the library swf (res.swf) as easy to make as possible, i.e. not make mc's of all images. So I tried:
Actionscript Code:
_swfClass = _swf.loaderInfo.applicationDomain.getDefinition($name) as Class;
var bmd:BitmapData = BitmapData(new _swfClass(600, 450));
// tried _swfClass() first but with bitmaps it needs two parameters, width and height
var bm:Bitmap = new Bitmap(bmd);

The bitmap has dimensions 600 x 450 and it is showed as it should. Now came the question: how to determine the width and height of the bitmap? Not all bitmaps in res.swf have these width and height.
Just to see how things go wrong, I changed _swfClass(600, 450) to _swfClass(10, 10) and to my surprise the bitmap was still shown in it's right width and height.

Now for the question: I don't dare to rely on the fact that using (1, 1) things will work right. But maybe someone can tell me I can rely on it or else maybe someone has a hint how to determine width and height of this bitmap from an external swf.

Thanks for reacting.