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Thread: This software is crap

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    Question for Crap

    You obviously do not have enough to do. Why do you continue to use KoolMoves? Move on and let the people who are trying to make this software viable for others do their job.

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    There aren't any issue with Koolmoves and Vista, trust me I'd know I use it on both XP and Vista not problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben303 View Post
    Swish here I come
    Best wishes Ben

    Man i needed a belly laugh today...TY

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    Thumbs up

    Hi Ben, I've been using KoolMoves 5 years and never had such problems (you can see some examples my websites made in KM).

    KoolMoves is a software that has many applications already created and started to play much if you really want to get a better result in this case is to ask and learn some of those who know about it from teachers, with education and not insults.
    For example, in the first problem that you raise here, you're in km-codex an good example that it can help you.

    v7 MediaPlayers Using setExternalXMLPlaylist. View here.

    In the second problem, I never understanding the use of scenes in a swf movie. I always use frame label for this and now with AS3 I load the diferent web site sections externally.

    In Spain there is a phrase that says: "Asking you come to Rome" and I add "With insults to nowhere".
    Cheers my friends and thumbs up!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by byweb View Post
    In Spain there is a phrase that says: "Asking you come to Rome" and I add "With insults to nowhere".

    All the forums are full of trolls and flamers.
    Just ignore them.

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