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Thread: Watermark To protect audio / Video

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    Watermark To protect audio / Video

    Hey guys im hoping someone can help me out with some info

    im the owner of http://coolstockmusic.com ,its been in development for nearly a year now and is almost finished .

    Im having some issues with the guy programming it (i guess he feels that hes got me by the balls , and he's using twisting any way he pleases because of it ...

    the music part of the site as i said is almost done and i was planning to develop a coolstock video site as well ..

    now my programmer is asking for almost 4 times the money it took to build the flash player / converter for music site... because (as an example , he said) it will take a few thousand $ just to make a system where uploaded videos will get converted for a flash preview with a visible watermark on top for protection ..
    so out of curiosity , and im faaaaaaar from a programmer , i just want to know , how much could it possibly cost to build a system that accepts say , MOV, AVI , converts it to flash and puts a watermark on top .. kinda like at revostock.com

    Again im not sure exactly if im posting in the right place , my appologies if i am

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    Software exists that can do this for you. One example is FFMPEG. Here is a tutorial on how to apply the watermark. You would also have to check the FFMPEG EULA for any licensing restrictions on commercial applications.

    It's hard to really say how much that is price-wise since it's really just a matter of setting it up and tieing it into the existing system.

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