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Thread: [HELP] Would like to create a shooting style game

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    [HELP] Would like to create a shooting style game

    I am at uni and have a project to create an interactive game for the story Johnny Mnemonic. I would like to create a game whereby the player has a whip type weapon, there is an opponent jumping up and down and with the whip you attack them and cut off limbs - it sounds really wrong I know but this is in the story!

    I'm thinking it would be like a simple shooting ducks style game in terms of coding, the player has visible just a hand with the whip in it, you move the whip to your desired location click chosen button to hit, the whip then animates a flick, if it hits correct spot on bouncing opponent then an animation of the limb flying off happens, so the bouncing opponent is like the duck and the whip like the gun - if that is right at all?

    If anyone could point me in the direction of a relevant tutorial or give me some one to one advise I would be most greatful


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    Here are some flash shooting game templates which might help you, including darts, bow, gun shoot, etc. You can use these games directly on your website by copying and paste their code, or buy their source code file for further customization.

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