Hey guys,

Let me start out by stating that I am no stranger when it comes many of, if not all of the Adobe family products; I've been using them for years right back to when they were licensed under Macromedia.

However in saying that, I've never considered myself superior to others and I am never to proud to ask for help when it's needed or give it if someone should need my help... Phew

That being said I'd like to pose a question, if I may...

First of all I'm building an iconic menu (in the literal sense of the word) using Flash CS4/AS2 that feeds into a database I've constructed and I was wondering if there is a way with a certain icon on the menu that said icon once pressed can load two or more avi files into a Windows Media Player Session?

In the same fashion you would select the initial AVI by double clicking it and then Shift-Click the 2nd AVI there by docking it in the play list to be played immediately after.

I'd appreciate all the help I can get on this matter...