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Thread: Is this true about flash Player 10!

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    Is this true about flash Player 10!

    Hello Everybody!

    I recently came to know that Adobe is releasing a Flash Player (may be ver 10) which shall be common accross all the devices i.e. desktops, mobile devices, android phones etc.....

    Can somebody please acknowledge this news ? It would be great if you could provide a link to official confirmation!
    As ever,
    Vinayak Kadam

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    yes, Adobe has been working on this for some time. The first platform to support Flash 10 in browser will probably be some version of Android. Also Android will probably be the first to get AIR for standalone apps.

    There should also be versions of Flash 10 browser for Palm webOS and RIM OS 6 Blackberry devices later in the year. I havent heard anything about AIR for these platforms.

    Looks like Symbian will be using Flash Lite 4 instead of Flash 10 for browser and standalone.

    Of course no support on Apple products and Windows 7 phone is an open question at the moment.
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    I've read about this for years - although never seen any evidence for what happens with device features, e.g. Fscommand2 handling in Flash Player 10.1, which after all is what makes Flash Lite unique in this regard.

    Historically, the Flash Player for desktop machines has had its interfaces with the playback machine locked up tighter each year than a duck's backside, so I really hope Adobe have allowed for those Flash Lite specific device commands in this strategy!

    Otherwise there will be a lot of people's Flash Lite app's (like mine) that won't work on the standard Flash Player (see my other post today which is about this)

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