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Thread: Is it possible to make an image a variable?

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    Is it possible to make an image a variable?

    I'm using a filter I got through http://www.flash-filter.net. This filter provides a transition effect between images.

    My navigation is a set of thumbnail image buttons that change a central larger image to match the particular thumbnail. The central image displays the image matching the last button clicked and the transition must be from that image to a new image matching the user-selected button.

    What I would like is to be able to assign the first image in the transition to a variable. Can that be done with ActionScript 2.0?

    My file: http://www.bergeroncreative.com/spyglass/spyglass.html (click on the red globe icon on the right to see the page (of flower images)).

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    I would say yes. But that depends on the actual code. And since it's a component, you probably don't have access to that code, therefore your request should be sent to the support of the website you downloaded from.


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