Hello everyone.

I'm very green to Flash, about as green as you can get. I've walked through a few tutorials on how to move objects around using paths and keyframes etc.

My main goal is to learn how to make screen shot emulators with active buttons. For example, an operating system emulator based of screen shots (WIN Xp's control panel for example).

Like I said I'm quite new to his and haven't been able to locate any tutorials for this sort of thing yet. I'm not lazy but am a bit rushed to learn. I was wondering if there are some "concepts or terms" that someone could suggest to get me started. Or even a related tutorial.

Any kind of suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I'm basically just trying to learn how to be able to click on an active location on the screen and have the background change. If that makes any sense.

Thanks to anyone who can send me any information on this.