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Thread: Looking for a pro to help hack some swf

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    Looking for a pro to help hack some swf

    i am running a proxy server for russian social network vkontakte.ru. this network has flash games, that do not work through my proxy, because they have target domain name hardcoded within them. i am looking to a person who could work it out by appliing some patch on the fly to change hardcoded url to the url of my proxy.
    of cause this isnt for free.

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    so it doesn't involved.."hacking" the swf?..cause if it does this will probably be deleted lol
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    What's happening here is that the swfs are sitelocked within the actionscript code. One would probably have to decompile the swf to an fla and change the code where it is sitelocked. Of course, I'm not sure if the site that you took the games from really wants their games played anywhere else or through a proxy.
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    I might be able to do this, depending on the encryption used in the swf files, although it would have to be done for each game individually. If still interested, send me a PM with the details of exactly which games you want hacked, and how much you will pay, and I'll give it a shot.

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    umm... no.

    We do NOT condone this type of stuff around here..

    We do 'not' de-compile .swfs here.. nor promote it as far as I know. if its you own fo rlost code.. so be it.. however.. stealing others work is frowned upon here.

    90% of the time.. you can ask for legit help from the original developer.

    thread closed.

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