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Thread: Loading Variables not working on server but works FINE locally

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    Loading Variables not working on server but works FINE locally

    I have one .swf that loads a second one on level 2.

    level 2 then in turn loads variables from a text file .

    The problem is that it works locally, but refuses to work on the server. The urls are all local.

    This is such a simple procedure, I can't figure out what is wrong..... are there limitations doing this via server vs. locally?

    I never get any "file open" errors locally. I've spent 2 hours on this....

    any help would be appreciated.

    I'm just using a simple LoadVars similar to this example:
    loadText = new LoadVars();
    	loadText.onLoad = function(success) {
    		if (success) {
    			newsBox.html = true;
    			newsBox.htmlText = this.myNews;

    the text file on the server is an ASCII file with permissions of 644 on my server.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ugh.... ok its working now, but this is very ugly and it's reminding me of what I think is actually a bug with older versions of Flash. I am using Flash 8.

    From what I remember, loading variables from a text file they way I'm doing it here doesn't work all of the time. LoadVars() is slow and not always inconsistent, and there's an issue (may not be with Flash) where it will just stop working on the server for a while, then it starts working again.

    It could be my server. But I've seen this before.

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    Yes, something is batty. One one computer, it shows nothing. On another, it shows "undefined" for the variable name. Both PCs have their cache cleared.

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    To clarify

    I am doing LoadVars( ) on level 2 of a movie, and my variables work when testing inside of Flash, but don't work on the web server. Any help would be appreciated.

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    By the way, its stopped working again.

    I need to know what causes this issue......

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