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Thread: AS3/DISC Physics engines?

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    AS3/DISC Physics engines?

    Hello, I wondering what the current opinions are on the various physics engines in as3.

    I've searched the forums and the most recent desc I have seen on it was over a year ago.

    Also, google showed many options but the only comparison was over 3 years ago. http://henryjones.us/articles/action...hysics-engines

    Thanks for the input!

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    It looks like the winner is Box2D. It's cross-platform too.
    I quite liked APE but, sadly, it's been abandoned and won't work with FP10 without a bit of tweaking.

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    Box2D is the overall winner in terms of speed and flexibility, and with the recent 2.1a release it improved quite a bit( and lost backward compatibility). As for runner up, I guess there will be jiglib which is good if you are going to do 3d stuff.
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    My best advice is steer clear of foam. I'm the author and I wrote it when I didn't know much about physics. lol.

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    i've used both box2d and APE...box2d is definitely the winner in my book--more of a learning curve but quite powerful and yea, 2.1 of box2d --though not backwards compatible--is awesome

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