I created a simple movie using Flash CS3. I published it as flash 8 & Action Script 1. It's just a movie & has 2 buttons.

When I put the .swf on my server & test it, the "Launch a contest" button does not load a new webpage in the following circumstances:
In Safari with javascript disabled
Chrome with javascript disabled.

the button DOES work with:
IE with javascript disabled
FF with javascript disabled.

I have flash 10 on my computer. Here's a link to the movie. Here's what I have as an action on this button:
on (release) {
I've tried it with getURL("http://www.prova.cc/advertising/index.php?option=com_crowdsource&view=crowdsource& Itemid=128"); too.
Do buttons in flash not work if .js is disabled? Can anyone confirm or deny this? Is there a way to tell if some security feature is blocking it?
Thanks for your help.