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Thread: Textual tooltip Script

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    Question [Resolved] Textual tooltip Script

    I wanted to create a page where I rollover a list of text, it'll change the image.

    I followed the script from dynamicdrive.com, works fine, but when I try to add in another set of list and image on the same page, it wont work.


    I tried separating it, duplicating the script, and changing the names like "d1" "d2" to "d3" "d4", and so on, but it still wont work.

    I followed the "Note:" from the dynamicdrive website about the onload event, removed
    and put in
    <body onload="regenerate2();regenerate4()">
    but still, no luck.

    I think I just need to change all the variable names, but I'm not sure which ones I've missed out.

    I'm not a scripting guy. I just copy and paste from the web and try to edit a little to fit my needs.

    You can see what I've tried here http://jasonpang.com/v3/.
    You can see there's 2 columns, Work and Personal Projects, and there's links below. (Only the "JavaScript Kit" link and "50 free fonts" link are working now, just to test the script.) When rollover the "50 free fonts", it changed the stuffs at the "Work" section.
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