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    I haven't gotten a print made in a LONG time and I forgot how much more awesome photos are when they are. As a thank for you some people I got a sunset photo I took while in France done so they can hang it in their office. I got an 8x12 print made and it's mounted in a 11x14 frame with a thin black border with a custom cut white matte(8x12 is a strange size...even though that is the native size all cameras have produced...ever) but damn does it look good. I think I need to save a little bit and get some BIG prints made of some of my stuff.

    Maybe the end of the summer when we're all full of backlogs of photos and getting into winter mode we should arrange some sort of print exchange. I'd love to hang some of your guys stuff on my walls.
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    That's a good idea. Did a similar thing with the other designer at work, he had a photo off me and I got a screen print from him.

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    Nice idea.

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    Deffo - great idea. I remember a while back I saw a b&w photo (fairly large) that was set in a massive mount - much bigger than normal and then the thin black frame. The image just looked so good set in this way-too-big mount.

    I'm going to have start building up a collection of second hand frames and mounts - junk shops often have dodgy prints for sale but they are often in decent frames and mounts.

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