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Thread: Publish settings, filter/blending not working, flashlite 2.0

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    Publish settings, filter/blending not working, flashlite 2.0

    I have just published my flash file for flashlite 2.0 devices. I have run the mac projector version and every object which I have applied a filter or a blending mode to no longer has said filter or blending mode applied, making it visually awful!!!

    Is there a checkbox I need to check or a process I haven't applied to carry my filters/blending modes through to the published file?

    I am a newb so please forgive any confusing use of terminology, I havent got the lingo down yet and so if you need me to explain further please ask me in an idiot guide way

    Would most appreciate your help, my beautiful objects such as the smoke I created are all ruined, my smoke now has a big black box all around it, i used the blending mode "lighten" to get rid of that and make it all proper and transparent as it should be

    I am using CS4 actionscript 2.0

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    Blends are not for mobile devices

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