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Thread: variable question

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    variable question

    ok I've been working with a tutorial and I've come across this thing where when you start a variable it has something like this.

    var game:Game = new game();

    I've worked with other programming languages and with them it was just
    var game=(whatever)

    so I'd like to know what the :game and new game() are for
    by the way the tutorial has a class called Game if that helps to explain it
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    In that case, you are instantiating a new class called Game. In essence, the variable game will contain the functions of the Game class. This is the same as when you create a new array or movieclip

    var arr:Array = new Array();


    var mc:MovieClip = new Movieclip();

    Of course it is case sensitive so if the class is named Game, then the call would be

    var game:Game = new Game();
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