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Thread: Load image from PHP variable

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    Load image from PHP variable

    Hi, i have no ide how to do this but in flash. I have a php script which prints a image. The image is printed where ever i put '$first'. In html it looks like this

    <img src="<?= $first ?>" />

    How can i make flash open images.php and print the image which is defined by $first


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    I would be really happy for some help. I've tried so solve it but i don't understand.

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    I have only tried to load images using the following code:
    using System.IO;
    using System.Drawing.Printing;
    using Yiigo.Imaging;
    using Yiigo.Imaging.Processing;
    using Yiigo.Imaging.Loading;
    // Load images in different format from disk
    YiigoImage image = new YiigoImage();
    // Load PDF document
    YiigoImage doc = new YiigoImage();
    // Load Microsoft Word document
    YiigoImage doc = new YiigoImage();
    You can also google it and selest some tools to help you with the image loading work. I hope you success. Good luck.

    Best regards,

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    Apart from image loading from PHP, I tested loading image from .net graphics, you can easily load & open an image from .net Graphics bitmap, as well as from .net Graphics screen. And currently, most common image formats such as png, jpeg, gif, tiff and bmp are supported.

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