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Thread: Problem in display

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    Unhappy Problem in display


    My client recently bought a fresh template from http://www.templatehelp.com/preset/pr_preview.php?i=24246&pr_code=339WoaFo2i3JO9p9to4 u48QlKf3Lem

    Now the client wants to me to customize this. I am a php developer learning for last few months.

    I have changed the layout but still there is problem.
    Plz see at http://architsinha.com/flash/

    When I click on any link the middle portion move downward as in original falsh template.

    below is as written in flash file

    Stage.align = "MC";
    Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";
    url = "tfile";
    import gs.dataTransfer.XMLParser;
    function onFinish(success_boolean, results_obj, xml) { //This fhunction gets called as soon as the XML loads and gets parsed.
    	if (success_boolean) {
    		//trace (1);
    var parsed_obj = {}; //We'll use this to hold the parsed xml object (once the XML loads and gets parsed successfully).
    var unCash= new Date().getTime();
    if (_root.cacheKiller=="true") {
    else {
    _root.emp.useHandCursor = 0;
    _root.mus = 1;
    _root.n = 1;
    _root.num = 1;
    import gs.dataTransfer.XMLParser;
    function onFinish(success_boolean, gallery_obj, xml) {
    	//This fhunction gets called as soon as the XML loads and gets parsed.
    	if (success_boolean) {
    //system settings
    // frame number where readMore movieClip is situated	
    searchResultsFrame = 8;
    pagesReadMoreFrame = 7;
    // frame number of the first content page
    firstPageFrame = 1;
    //system settings
    #include "gs/dataTransfer/xmlFunctions.as"
    Can any one help me out?

    Thanks in advance for viewing and replying .
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    There is probably more than one instance where the object is being told to align itself to the middle of the stage. There may also be a timeline animation governing this action depending on the style of template.

    Search for the "_y" property and see if you can make it absolute on all accounts.
    Use Window>Movie Explorer to do this, or use Dreamweaver to search through the ActionScript directory if there is one.

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