So I'm adding more children to the stage and trying to get them on top of some movieclips I'm creating dynamically and sticking to existing clips.

So I'm able to create the clips just fine and reposition them as well. But when it comes to attaching the mc from my library, they don't appear.

If I remove the "mc" from the front of addChild they show up, just located at 0,0.

Thanks for the help.

Actionscript Code:
var cardBack = new (getDefinitionByName("cardBack") as Class);
//the commented line above works fine to add the images...

//but I would like them on their own clip...
var mc:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); = "mc"+randomPlaceSelection;
mc.x = this["piece"+locationArray[randomPlaceSelection]].x;
mc.y = this["piece"+locationArray[randomPlaceSelection]].y;

cardBacks[randomPlaceSelection] = mc;
trace(cardBacks.length+ " " + mc.x+ " " + mc.y+ " " );
//traces as you'd expect with correct x and y coordinates of the clips, just no clips attached.