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Thread: flash 10.1 developer tools

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    flash 10.1 developer tools

    Flash player 10.1 supports mobile devices now....i currentlly use CS3 is this suffiecent to build mobile appplications for flash player10.1?

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    there are two different issues, one is flash in mobile browser, the other is AIR actionscript mobile applications.

    If your goal is to create Flash in mobile browser then any version of Flash authoring will work. However, you will probably need Flash CS5 to emulate multi-touch and some other mobile device specific features.

    If your goal is to create AIR Actionscript applications then you will probably need Flash CS5 to publish and emulate mobile environment. There might be a CS4 update for this but I havent seen much information lately on the situation with AIR for mobile.
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    Actually, I've often used older or third-party IDEs to develop AIR desktop or AIR Mobile applications.

    First of all I develop my core application that just uses standard ActionScript 3. No exotic AIR stuff. But I organise my project so that I can subclass the top class of the project, implement all the AIR stuff there - and compile and package the whole thing using amxmlc and adt (pfi) free command line tools.

    If you organise your project well - the core (standard AS3) project is common to all deployments, and you might have several subclassed (including AIR stuff) top classes each specific to browser, desktop, android, iPhone, etc.
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