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Thread: Which is the best strategy to easily make a nice presentation

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    Cow Icon Which is the best strategy to easily make a nice presentation

    Recently I decided to make my presentations in Flash 8 instead of PowerPoint. I build a little library with some movieclips of arrows and texts. They have the usual effects you known in PowerPoint, moving arrows and text appearing gradually on the screen. In each slide, I put on the stage several instances of them and they must be played in ordered way (after I press a button, for example), and that´s the point!. Which is the best way to coordinate their playing? I mean, ok I could try putting tellTarget(myText1){gotoAndPlay(1);} at the last frame of the arrow1 movieclip, and so for each arrow, it´s very tedious.
    How can I coordinate the start playing between several objects at the stage?

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    Flash is best software to make a presentation, you can use Create Motion tween and shape to create effects.. Masking is also very useful tools of Flash....

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