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Thread: call a function when user closes your swf

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    call a function when user closes your swf

    how do you call to a function when the user closes your swf?

    Probably some kind of event. I couldn't find it.

    I program in AS3 only.

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    There is no such event. For that matter, there is no such thing as closing a swf. In the standalone player, you close the player. In a web browser, you navigate away from the page.

    You could attempt to use javascript to catch the unload event when the user leaves the page, and then call into the swf with a method exposed by ExternalInterface, but the user is still leaving the page, and whatever you're doing will probably not get to finish.

    There is also the Event.UNLOAD event dispatched by loaderInfo, but that occurs when your swf is unloaded from a loader. I don't think it is actionable when the user navigates away.

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    Use timer. if user 1-2 minutes do not change a position of the mouse or not key down - he left.

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