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Thread: Looking for Flash MP3 Player Developer

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    Hi Everyone,

    Firstly thanks in advance for reading my post. I am looking to get in touch with a Flash MP3 Player Designer who can custom build me a Flash Music player similar to that of the Myspace music player which features an Add Button, as well as a BUY! Button. I have a dev working on the back-end but my dev asked me to try and find someone who can design a nice front-end player with the above mentioned features.
    If you, yourself is not a developer, perhaps you might know of someone that does nice Flash work.

    Thanks again in advance everyone

    Have a GREAT DAY!

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    moved from sound and music to freelance.
    aviarts.com - web development and flash development

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    I'm not a flash mp3 developer, just basic Flash web designer, but I am interested.

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    Assuming no backend work is required, something like this might only take a couple hours; but it depends what kinds of security hoops you're going through. For example, whether you intend to break up the mp3 into separate samples on streaming to make it more difficult to intercept, whether the player needs to trigger a series of false samples to hide it, whether it's passing tokens to the back-end, whether the buy button needs to integrate with other instances of the player on the same page or whether it's just a one-off button that passes its own data alone to the server.

    In the simplest of all cases, a custom player built from scratch could be a 2-3 hour job. In the most complicated, with a custom scrubber and EQ, it might take 6 hours, extra if you want visual representations of the EQ in realtime, etc. My rate is $100/hr. Shoot me an email if you're interested at josh (at) joshstrike (dot) com.

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    I can design you Flash mp3 player. I sent you a message. Have you chosen anyone yet?

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