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Thread: Flash App Competition at Control4

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    Flash App Competition at Control4

    Control4 manufacturers home automation equipment and has just launched a Flash based application store.

    Information about the contest is here http://www.4store.com/?q=node/41.

    apps are written in AS2 and some basic php is required.

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    AS2? Why not AS3?

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    Hm. That's kind of messed up.

    Reading about the contest and about the platform, everything sounded great. So I created a developer account, thinking I'd give it a try. The site should have mentioned, before taking my information, that you can't do anything with a developer account until it's "authorized" to the tune of $299.

    Pumping your potential developer base for money before they even write any code doesn't seem like a good way to get people building apps on your platform in this economy. Developers are already taking a leap in believing that their code will sell and their time won't be wasted in coding something for your platform. Flash coders are not iPhone developers; we're not accustomed to being charged for the privilege of writing code for this or that walled garden. If you want to attract the best and brightest devs in this area, you should drop the contest and drop the entry fee and just focus on creating a platform that we know is worth the investment in time and energy.

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    haha , why would i pay to make 'apps' ?
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    If your app is submitted before the end of this month the developer account fee will be fully refunded.

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    The rules of this forum are for fee based work only.
    to actually come here with a link that asks us to work and we also pay an 'up front fee' (refunded or not), you are seriously just taking us all for fools.

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