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Thread: Can't add with a constantly changing variable

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    Question Can't add with a constantly changing variable

    Okay, so:

    I am making a game in flash, that uses several resources to build different buildings, that help you to gain resources, etc. I'm trying to make it so that the more "_global.food" you have, the faster your resources will go up. I have it so that the variable "_global.woodBoostMeter" goes up as fast as "_global.woodBoostSpeed" and when it reaches 500, it gives you 1 wood. I want it so that "_global.woodBoostSpeed" is modified by "_global.food" divided by whatever 200 is. (So that you will get resources faster for the more food you have)

    Here's the code I'm using:

    _global.woodBoostMeter =0
    _global.woodBoostSpeed = _global.food / 200
    _global.woodBoostObtainRate =1
    _global.woodBoostMeter +=_global.woodBoostSpeed
    _global.wood +=_global.woodObtainRate

    I think the problem seems to be with the "_global.woodBoostSpeed = _global.food / 200". it doesnt go up slow like it should, since "_global.food" starts out at like 200.

    Sorry if i wasn't very descriptive, lol.


    *** ALSO: ***
    Im using actionscript 2.0
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