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Thread: Best 2D physics engine for flash?

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    Question Best 2D physics engine for flash?

    Hi everyone,
    Don't know if this is the right place to ask.
    Can anyone recomend a good 2D physics engine for flash.
    I've been bouncing around APE, Box2DFlash, Physax, Fisix but can't decide.
    I'm looking for something simple to use and with reasonable documentation.
    Also I'm looking for an angine that can handle a large stack of boxes in a stable way.

    Thanks for any help

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    afaik none of those continue to evolve, except box2d (which is back-ported from c++ at random, but at least you can expect updates).

    p.s. what's Physax?
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    who is this? a word of friendly advice: FFS stop using AS2

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    Ok, so Box2DFlash would be the most supported then?

    I meant to write "Physaxe" not Physax.
    Its another engine based on Box2D written in haxe.


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    yes box2d seems to be the leader, also i heard a lot of good words about nape. its written in haxe (hence the speed) but can be used in as3 projects with the swc, i recommend checking it out

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