sup playaz! So i've been reading and searching for 2 days on this and so I've finally decided to ask for help. I'm switching from as2 to as3 and everything was going swimmingly with my new site until i tried to use a _root call to a function on the main timeline by a loaded movieClip that is loaded nested into 2 other movieclips. the movieClip needs to tell the _root when it's done playing so the root knows to load the next one in line through a php call. Everything works except for the _root call. In as3 there's no such thing as root anymore so I figured no big deal, i'll just find out what the new thing is and holy crap wtf! I can't figure this out!! I've read from doing stuff like custom eventLisnters (which i am trying now) and casting the root as a movieClip and then I read this whole crazy tutorial on building an event structure and the proper MVC way of coding and blah blah blah ALL I WANT TO DO is tell the _root that the loaded MC has reached the end of its timeline. Basically if it were as2 i could just go _root.loadNext(); and it would work. Does anybody have any clue how to make a loaded MC talk to the _root timeline and call a funciton from there?

I'll keep trying and if i figure it out I'll post what i come up with here. Thanks