I need help with trying to make a single-line text box auto-scroll a text string horizontally with a way to detect new words on the x-axis.

I'm trying to make a rhythm practice game for ESL students at my college, but I'm a linguistics major, not a programmer. I want something that is similar to the vocal part in Rock Band (minus the pitch, for now). So for a simplified, proof-of-concept version I just need it to detect when a new word has collided with a defined region of say "100 < x < 50".

I know how to implement the microphone using activityLevel to detect when the user is speaking into the mic, but just not how to use activityLevel alongside the region detect of the new word in the text box.

Hopefully this makes sense. I know what I want, but it's kinda difficult to type.

Thanks everyone in advance for any help you can give me!