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Thread: Help Making My Game -- Box2D

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    resolved Help Making My Game -- Box2D

    Hey everyone,

    I have to make a game for a school assesment.
    Now I want a game that look fairly good.

    I have done the kerp.net tutorials on Box2D and I have seen the catapult ones by emanuele feronato.

    I wish to create a game like angry birds or smash the castle.

    I just want to no if anyone has advice on how to make a game like this and if there is already box2d script out there somewere that I can download or a good tutorial on how to make it if possible that I could use to make my game.\


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    Do you really think that posting another thread about this will increase your programming knowledge somehow?

    What are your actionscripting skills like anyways? What have you created already? I have a feeling that jumping into physics systems is too ambitious for your level. You didn't even know how to unzip a ZIP file. That's telling.

    (Be careful of aiming too high for your school project. You might not have enough time to actually complete it, if at all)

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    If this project is for any sort of programming or technical class, the teacher frowns more and more for each bit of code not originally programmed by you
    I've known kids with most or all of their code taken straight off the Internet, and have received none too pretty grades as a consequence

    On the reverse side, if you manage to complete such a project all your own, I can guarantee at the very least a look of disbelief on the teacher's face

    If it's any other class, and "have to make a game" applies to things such as board games as well... it's your choice depending on your resources and due date
    A board game can be rustled up the morning after you oversleep and still receive high marks if you're an experienced enough procrastinator, but computers introduce so many extra complications (forgotten to bring jump drive, site blocked where you uploaded game, computer doesn't have the correct tools to play it, etc.)

    And I've seen plenty of times where it just turns out looking tacky or overdone somehow
    Teachers like to ruin the fun of making a game by insisting it be educational and practical =\

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    hey dont worry about this one, I already starting another game and its going along fairly well. I should be done soon and il put it up and show you guys.
    And by the way the reason it wouldn't unzip because the Trial Version I downloaded was faulty.


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