Hey guys,

I'm a trainee web developer familiar with basic HTML & CSS, and a teeny bit of javascript. I don't have any knowledge of flash. Our other web designer left a while back and I've been left to update a flash component to a site. Basically I did a tutorial to sort of get my head around how it works a little, but basically I have no idea, and I really need some help getting past this problem...

I'm using flash CS4 and AS3.

The project I'm working on is the flash component on this homepage:

I need to add two new projects to the current ones. Usually my plan of action would be to copy an original project then just change the text and images, but it's proven to be a little more difficult...

This is the SWF file I have at the moment:

so as you can see I've successfully added two new projects to the end (just copied the last one) but for whatever reason the speed of the entire thing has gone right up. I have the following compilation errors in a few places:
1151, 1021, 1151, Warning: 3596

I'm really not sure what to do and any help would be deeply appreciated.