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Thread: AS2 Failing?

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    Unhappy AS2 Failing?

    Ok. Here's my situation: I have Macromedia Flash 8 Professional, full version, and I'm making a simple game. I've put alot of effort in so far, and really don't want to give up. In one of my cutscenes, there are speech bubbles, and I want the viewer to be able to press SPACE to move on instead of me guessing their reading speed and the bubble finishing too early or late. At 25fps, I couldn't just bung the code onto the frame or they would have the first 0.04 of a second to hit SPACE. So, for one bubble I made two frames, and coded the second as follows:


    <firstframe> being the number of the first frame. This meant I had a recurring scene that looked still. On both frames I instanced a small blank movie clip, to which I scripted:

    onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
    if ((Key.isDown(Key.SPACE))) {

    <nextframe> being the next recurring scene. I thought this would solve the problem (having the movie clip constantly refreshing the SPACE check), but It does not work at all. Any ideas?

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    just put this code on the frame:
    var keylistener:Object=new Object();
    That should do it.

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